Where we can buy ESAL scooters?


Do you offer service after warranty expired?

Yes, indeed we will be continuing supporting you after warranty period is expired

Where is ESAL located in Australia?

In Brisbane 4000

Is It Australian owned or foreign (USA or China)

100% Australian owned

What available models now?

Es-40 & ES-60

What is the price of ESAL-ES 40 and ES-60?

Our promotional prices are ES-40 $599.00,

ES-60 $549.00

Do we need to pay Shipping for ESAL delivery?

Australia wide shipping free

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry due to the international air cargo restrictions we cannot ship to overseas.

Why should I buy an ESAL e-scooters? I can see there are many cheaper and expensive e-scooters available in the market?

we offer you 14 days money back guaranty

(please see the return policy), excellent customer service

and 1 full year warranty (please refer to warranty disclaimer)

Can I visit to ESAL physical store?

Sorry, currently online store only available

How can I assemble ESAL e-scooter?

Please refer to our product manual page

Can I try trial ride before I buy it?

Sorry this service not available at the moment